About us

In 2009, a group of visionary and tech-savvy individuals came together in Monterrey, Mexico, with a shared dream of creating an innovative and dynamic IT company. These young entrepreneurs, fueled by their passion for technology, embarked on a journey to establish an organization that would not only keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech landscape but also contribute to it.

The founders, driven by a desire to make a mark in the IT industry, set out to build a company that would be known for its cutting-edge solutions, creativity, and commitment to excellence. Monterrey, with its burgeoning tech scene in Mexico and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, provided the perfect backdrop for their ambitious venture.

In the early days, the founders faced the typical challenges of starting a new business securing funding, assembling a talented team, and defining the company’s vision and values. Undeterred by the obstacles, they worked tirelessly to bring their ideas to fruition.

As the company gained momentum, it began attracting top-notch professionals and experts in various domains of IT. The collaborative and innovative culture fostered within the organization became a key driving force behind its success. The team, comprised of individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds, united under a common goal: to push the boundaries of technology and provide unparalleled solutions to clients.

The company quickly earned a reputation for its forward-thinking approach, staying ahead of industry trends, and delivering high-quality products and services. Its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements led to strategic partnerships, collaborations, and a growing client base.

Over the years, the company expanded its reach beyond Monterrey, establishing a presence in national and international markets. The founders initial vision evolved into a thriving enterprise, with a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients.

As the company celebrated milestones and achievements, it remained true to its roots anchored in Monterrey, Mexico, where it all began. The young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who founded the IT company continued to drive innovation, adapt to change, and inspire the next generation of tech enthusiasts.